About Me

Hi!  My name is Randi Bond, and I live in Edmonton, Alberta.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and learn more about me, and what I do.  My journey into holistic nutrition, happened very naturally.  Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.   I spent a lot of time reading and researching.  This is when my love of creating cooking began. I believe that our bodies have the ability to repair themselves, to address what is really causing the symptoms.  I started to see how my  diet and lifestyle wasn’t supportive of my overall concerns and goals.

When I began seeing a Naturopathic Doctor I was introduced to the mental aspects of whole body holistic living.  I started adjusting my diet, practicing self care, body literacy and yoga.  I very quickly noticed a huge improvement in my health, both physically and mentally.  As a family,  we continue to increase our nutrient intake, reduce our exposure to toxic substances, and stay connected to ourselves.  When we do this, we address our unique individual needs and our family goals.

In 2017, after being at home with my two children for 7 years, I enrolled at CSNN Edmonton, graduating with a diploma in Natural Nutrition.   I use my experience, education, and passion, to help others uncover and achieve a feeling of health and wellness. I am passionate about purchasing and preparing locally sourced food, and can often be found at a Farmers Market, as both a shopper and a vendor.  I also work in the retail cannabis industry.  I enjoy attending workshops, reading, biking, camping, and gardening.  I also have dreams of becoming a garlic farmer, so should start planning that.